1958 Eldorado Brougham


This car was delivered new to Pennsylvania and was in that state until my purchase in late 2007. The car had been stored for 10+ years and looked like an excellent candidate for a careful rejuvenation. I love original cars and this 45,000 Brougham as begging to be brought back to excellent running condition.

Over the course of the last year an extensive amount of catch-up maintenance has been performed. I will mention the items in the topics below.

This case is unique because it has it's original air suspension and vanities PLUS 4 original Vogue "Brougham Special" tires. Those tires are EXTREMELY rare.

NOTE: Vanities and/or tires will not be sold separately from automobile.

This is a very nice original car. If you would like a comparison of this car with other cars you see on the Internet or on ebay please contact me. Although I won't know the full details of the other cars I can assist you in spotting issues with other cars that detract from their value.

If you would like and specific detailed photos please let me know. All of the photos below are linked to their full 10MPixel original JPG files for your more detailed inspection.

Please remember that an ebay auction is a commitment to purchase. If you win the auction it is your legal responsibility to complete the purchase unless my descriptions are incorrect or a photo is not of this car.

The car is in Orange County, CA and can be viewed by serious potential buyers.


Exterior of car has been repainted and shows very well. There are two thin spots on the right/rear quarter and sever small dings. These items can be easily touched up with a light respray and sand/buff. All chrome and stainless is in excellent condition. Cast aluminum bumpers shine well but could use a polishing for show. All window glass is excellent. Windshield has some areas of delamination so typical of these cars but in no way is too noticeable. Stainless steel roof excellent with no dents and the original sanding "grain" is essentailly perfect. All exterior rubber is pliable and uncracked. All plastic lenses are uncracked and shiny except the front fog lamp lenses. They are clear bug have minor "crazing". A prior owner routed exhaust below bumpers and added block-off plates to bumper outlets. Right-rear door handle does not open door., however all doors shut firm and well with no "loose parts" sound within the doors.



The interior of this car is simply spectacular! You just can't believe that it is completely original. I removed the front seat bottom and had it disassembled so that the stitching could be refreshed. Original nylon "Karakul" carpet is excellent however I did need to sew in a larger heel pad because of wear adjacent to original. Dash pad shows normal foam breakdown and heat shrinkage (Just Dashes can replace). All windows and vent windows work well. Central locking, gear shifter lockout and rear door disable all works. Polarized sun visors are spectacular and perfect! Trunk open/close control works fine. Interior ceiling light bezels are uncracked and not heat distressed. Emergency brake works fine as does toe operated release button. Horn is inoperative but proper Eldorado Brougham horns are all there (4 of them!). Trunk material was "shot" and reproduction carpet for the 1958 year Brougham is not available. A beautiful, professionally done reupholster of the trunk was done in a color and weave very similar to the 1958 material (1957 material is made but not correct). Jack items and wood wheel block are intact. Trunk open/close works great as does the trunk light.


When I received the car there was water in the fuel tank and carbs. Fuel tank was removed and restored, all carbs rebuilt, distributor rebuilt, water pump, generator and starter rebuilt. Full tune up and the engine runs absolutely beautifully! Have not tested compression because it is so smooth at all RPM. A prior owner fitted a mechanical fuel pump HOWEVER the original electric pump in the fuel tank is intact, has been painstakingly rebuilt by a professional and is work (as is the rebuilt fuel level sensor and light actuator). Trans was drained, filter replaced, and refilled.

The chassis received a complete brake job....shoes and all in-drum parts, flex brake lines, rebuilt master cylinder and rebuilt Hydrovac vacuum assist unit. Replaced front-lower ball joints, both sway bar link bushings and one steering idler arm.

Complete new exhaust system including stainless flex hose on headpipes. Non-original exhaust hangers used because of lack of availability. New set of shock absorbers have been installed since photos were taken.


When car was received the undercarriage was mostly rust free but had extensive road dirt hardened on after 50+ years. Dr. Detail in Costa Mesa, CA performed a multi-thousand dollar undercarriage detailing that returned the bottom side to superb condition. They also repaired two rust through spots in sheet metal in the forward-lower area of the inner rear wheel wells. Each area was about 6" square.


Vanities shown in photos come with the car. Atomizer is original and not a Mastermind Repro. Shot glasses are Mastermind repros. Please note in photos you will see a cloth bag for the Evans compact and a pack of cigarettes in the Cigarette case. Those are not included in this auction.

Extra Show Tires

This car includes an EXTREMELY RARE set of Vogue Brougham Special tires. Three match and one is different. All hold air on the spare rims I have but have not been road tested.


It was not my intention to do everything possible to this Brougham to make it a show car. I saw a very nice original car and wanted to use my experience with my other Brougham (#123) to help this car be a fine #2 car. The next owner will enjoy doing the small electrical bits to get some of the accessories working and "dialing in" the car. All of the major work, especially the experienced rebuild of all air suspension components, has been completed. Brougham #545 is ready for your local car shows and to "WOW" everyone who sees it pass by.

I am not in a rush to sell as my investments in cars have done far better than stocks! With horrendous inflation looming because of the irresponsibleness of our (sadly) elected leaders it is rare and fine cars like this that have some of the highest potential of retaining their value. I am selling because I already have a very fine Brougham.



Photos of INTERIOR





Engine Photos





NOTE! Advertising & Owners manual seen in glove box NOT included in this auction and NOT for sale.

Undercarriage Photos


Vogue Tires